My passion for helping talented creatives build successful businesses stems from a journey that began with a career in fashion & design.

Now I’m here to help you create a profitable online presence

I’m passionate about building a creative community, a family, a connection of minds & hearts, empowering creative businesses to take control of their destiny, conquering their fear of the web, reaching out to their audience & enjoying a thriving work life balance.
— Me!

How did I get here?

After 20 something years in the fashion design industry, I became a solopreneur promoting skilled craftspeople, growers & producers working in the eco-wedding sector for 12 years. Finding many of the talented makers and designers that I was working with were struggling with their websites and the idea of self promotion I saw a reason to take my design and marketing talents in a new direction and find that designing and building websites exclusively for these same creatives has become a most rewarding experience.

It was an adventurous journey

Running barefoot in the African bush, carefree as a bird | A teenage desire to be at the ‘centre of the world’ that was London | Achieving a degree in knitwear design | Working in the whirligig of the British fashion industry | Moulded by Terence Conran & Jane Packer | A trip to India | A return to Africa | I married an Englishman | Moving to Devon and tasting the richness of our countryside | Falling in love with the English beauty that surrounds Us …

When I first approached Rosie to design my site she was so welcoming, clearly taking me through the stages that we would go through, explaining that the process of re-designing my site would help me to reflect on how I wanted to be represented as an artist. She was intuitive about drawing out my thoughts & helping me to understand new ways of presenting my business. I really felt that she cared about my success as an artist and businesswoman. When my new website was launched I felt my online presence went from a dull portfolio to creative, individual & interactive online gallery overnight!
— Luna north

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