Eddie Buckpitt | Furniture Maker


Client | Eddie Buckpitt Furniture

Eddie makes bespoke furniture and kitchens using solid hardwoods for the domestic market.

Branding | Portfolio

Eddie has a thriving business but is always aware that he needs to keep reaching out to his ever changing audience.

Having struggled with a website that was quite old, outdated, insecure and almost impossible to edit and update, Eddie came to me for a brand new site that would showcase his work and find his audience who come to him for his honesty and integrity. We wanted to portray this in his new website so we commissioned a video that clearly showed his process of working and really brings the business of creating kitchens to life. We also comissioned new photographs of some of Eddie’s intallations as I felt it was vital to show the quality, attention detail and integrity of all his work.


“It was a joy to work with Rosie. Professional and producing a contemporary website that works, she took the time to understand me and my business, now reflected in the design and content of the site. The quality of my work shines through in my new website. It was important that Rosie presented me as an individual and approachable quality maker, someone who can relate to and work with clients to produce the right results. Perfect!”

- Eddie Buckpitt

Rosie Ames