Let me answer those burning questions


What platform do you use to build your websites on?

I use Squarespace exclusively to build all websites for my clients.


What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a website building platform and hosting company. You can find out more about Squarespace by going to their own website.


Why do you use Squarespace to build websites for your clients?

I choose to build websites exclusively on Squarespace because it's so easy and intuitive for my clients to manage! It's eminently scaleable too so you could start off with just one page and slowly build it up as your business grows, adding a portfolio, a blog and a shop all on the same site without having to change platforms.

You could actually regard Squarespace as your very own IT department! It offers you unlimited hosting, tip-top built-in security at no extra cost, enterprise class infrastructure, excellent 24/7 support via email or live chat and webinars by a team of talented, efficient, helpful professionals.

For more information about why I think Squarespace is the best go to on my Squarespace Information page.


What do you charge to build a website?

My prices start at £880.00 for a basic portfolio website. But all my websites are tailored to each individual client with several different options and add-ons to choose from. Please go to my Services page for detailed pricing information.


Will you need a deposit?

Yes, I ask for 50% of the project cots up front in order to confirm a start date in my schedule. The balance is paid on completion.


Do you have a client contract?

Yes, a contract protects us both and will be signed by both parties before commencement of the project.


Where do you work?

I live and work in a beautiful spot in North Devon which is located South West of England, but my clients come from all over the the world. If you are nearby we can meet and work together at my studio but I am equally happy to communicate with you by phone, messaging and video calls.


What if I’ve already started building my Squarespace website?

That’s not a problem. Quite a few people have tackled building their own websites but now require a site refresh, want a fresh eye on their work, create a fresh brand identity or just require bit of support to add a shop for instance. I can work with you add to or edit what you have started, or start completely afresh. Contact me to find out how much I would charge for this service.


Will you be uploading everything to my new website once it is built?

With my guidance, you will be supplying me with as much material as you can. This will include good quality images as well as the copy for your main pages. I will usually upload and layout some of the site content before I get you involved then, as the site build progresses, I will encourage you to do some of this yourself so that you will gain confidence in using the platform. If you have an online shop I will load up a good amount of your products and at least 3 articles to your blog. Depending on the plan for your site you may be required to upload more material before launch. To find out more about what will be required of you to prepare for your new website development please go to my page about The Process.


Do you work with international clients?

As well as having clients nearby and throughout the UK, I work with clients around the world. If its not possible for us to get together in person all meetings can be conducted via video link.


How long before you can start on my project?

I normally require 6 to 8 weeks notice to book a project, but please get in touch as soon as you can and if your project is really urgent I can always consider whether I can fit you in. In fact you will usually find this time is useful so you can do some ‘homework’ and prepare to supply me with the material I will need to build your website.


How long will my project take to do?

It really depends on a lot of things and each project is unique but on average, it could only take 2 weeks if you have all your material ready to go but, on average, I estimate 4 to 6 weeks for the actual site build. A lot of this will depend on you!


Do you give support after the site has been launched and handed over to me?

Don't worry - I don’t just let you loose! Once your final payment has been received, I will supply a guide and a video tour of the ‘back-end’ (the editing part) of your site enabling you to have confidence about making edits and adding material to your website. You will feel in complete control of your shiny new website! If you do have questions I am always here to help. See my Services guide for further support and assistance.

Squarespace offers quality guides, videos, email support and live chat.


Do you work with old clients on a returning basis?

Of course! Clients often return for a site refresh or to add a custom feature. Check out my Services guide for further support and assistance.